Lumen Properties was founded after a series of interested foreign property seekers sought the help of our founder on how and where to begin their purchase. We found that many overseas property buyers faced almost identical challenges from the moment they begin thinking of purchasing an overseas property. Having someone to represent them and guide them through the process was something most property buyers wished they had.

The founder and owner of Lumen Properties has a passion for properties, and is an experienced property purchaser who has successfully employed various proven strategies to build a multi-million dollar property portfolio within a few years.

Lumen Properties is set up with the sole aim of assisting buyers from overseas to make informed purchases of Australian properties – with the assurance of a tailored, personalised and confidential guidance for each of our client throughout the purchase.

Through our proven research methodology, we have helped clients from various backgrounds, including those who already own multi-million property portfolios – simply because they believe in our methodology and personalised service.

We believe in ensuring that our clients not only purchase a property that best suits their needs, but also one that makes a good investment – so that Together We Grow.