We are on your side Put simply, we take care of your interest.
Traditionally, properties on the market are marketed by the Seller’s agents (typically referred as the ‘real estate agent’) who are focused on protecting the Seller’s interest in the transaction. As such the are left on their own to take care of their own interests. We are here to provide you with well researched information to enable you to make an informed decision based on solid and well-researched facts and figures, not marketing hype.

We understand the challenges you face Having successfully built a property portfolio ourselves, we understand what you have to go through in purchasing a property, particularly for Asian overseas buyers. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars on property education materials, workshops and mentoring programs – because we believe that accurate and updated market intelligence is an important element in making an informed decision. We continue to invest in equipping ourselves with the latest market research, news and statistics up to this day, so we can share these experiences and knowledge with you to help you make that informed choice today.

We guide you through the entire process Many potential buyers who wish to purchase Australian properties do not know where to begin (or are afraid of the risks involved). Having travelled through that path ourselves, we understand what a daunting process it can be to purchase properties from overseas.

We therefore offer our clients a ‘one-stop service’ – where we guide our clients through every step throughout the whole process – i.e. from assisting you in choosing the right property by doing the necessary due diligence and market research based on your requirements, to doing the necessary follow-ups for you – right until completion of the property.

We will equip you with the necessary knowledge to help you with the property acquisition, and at the same time show you property investment strategies to grow a multi-million dollar portfolio.

Specialization We specialize in the purchase of brand new house and land packages. We believe this is arguably the best buy for most overseas purchasers, not only because of the Australian government’s regulations (e.g. FIRB), but also because of many other benefits, amongst which include:-

  1. Stamp duty savings: You only have to pay stamp duty on the value of the vacant land, and not on the value of the unconstructed house. This is an automatic huge saving for the buyer.
  2. Built in equity: From the moment the house begins its construction on the vacant land, equity begins to be built into the value of the whole property (we help you become the developer).
  3. Tax benefits: New constructions enjoy maximum depreciation benefits, which will offset any income derived in Australia (including the capital gains made on the property if the buyer decides to sell later).
  4. Maintenance free: New constructions are covered by up to 6 years of structural warranty and 6 months of builder’s warranty for maintenance against any defects. This is especially important for overseas buyers. (Please note that these warranty periods may vary between different states).

We have our network in Australia We will introduce our network of trusted professionals to assist you through the entire process. We ourselves, together with many of our clients, have personally utilized the services from these professionals– so we are confident that they will provide an excellent level of service at reasonable rates.

We provide you with personalized service At Lumen Properties, we help our clients purchase a property which meets their needs. We cater for each of our clients’ individual needs on a case-by-case basis as we understand that each person has unique circumstances and needs.

We assure you of complete confidentiality We at Lumen Properties greatly respect everyone’s privacy and understand the importance of providing a confidential service. We therefore assure you that we treat each of our client’s confidentiality as our utmost priority.

AND - We only charge you minimal fees With the level of service we are providing, many companies are charging a substantial professional fee ranging from AUD8,000 to well over AUD20,000. However, at Lumen Properties, we reverse this fee to the developers. This way, you still enjoy the same level of service, at a minimum cost.

For fees on extra services (e.g. guided property tour), feel free to contact us.